Waterjet Cutting for Gasket Applications

Waterjet cutting offers a cost-effective way to cut gaskets for a variety of industrial applications. While relatively versatile, especially for soft materials, this method of cutting also minimizes waste.This type of cutting has evolved rapidly since its first use in the 1930s and uses a highly pressurized jet of water. The pressurized stream of water makes precise cuts quickly and cleanly in many materials.

With so many cutting options available to the manufacturing industry, it is important to understand the benefits of waterjet cutting in particular before requesting to use this method. In general, gaskets can be cut using one of four common methods. These include knife cutting, waterjet cutting, laser cutting, or die cutting.

Knife cutting works best for soft or flexible applications, such as rubber or foam, and can cut most sizes of materials. Laser cutting allows almost any drawing to be brought to life, even one with sharp angles, small holes, lace-like work and smooth curvatures. Die cutting is typically best for flat parts and becomes more cost effective the more the initial die is used.

Where other cutting methods can produce dust and hazardous gasses, waterjet cutting eliminates those unwanted by-products. There’s also stress-free cutting because it does not workload the material. In addition, the waterjet can perforate a wide selection of materials without starting holes. By using a highly pressurized water stream to cut a line into or through a material, a waterjet cutter can easily cut soft materials such as cork, rubber or sponge. Using a granular abrasive attachment, the cutter can then cut harder materials. Some other examples of materials suitable for this method are stone, brass, glass, stainless steel and copper.

For glass in particular, the waterjet is beneficial due to its ability to pierce the glass without breaking it, and then switch to a higher pressure to continue the rest of the cut. That same technology allowing a change in pressure makes it simple to perform multiple projects using the same machine. The waterjet is a popular option for soft gasket materials, like the ones found in aerospace, automotive, medical, building and chemical industry applications.

Our machine is part of an ISO 9001:2008-certified process that is done by our team of professionals. Using up to 55,000 psi of water pressure, we can cut a gasket or other project to the tightest of tolerances, such as .1778 mm or .007 inches. Our waterjet cutting equipment includes the following machines:

  • Waterjet Pneumatic Drill Kit
  • Edge 144” x 144” Waterjet Cutting Table With 150 HP Intensifier
  • Wardjet Z-813 144” x 96” Waterjet table With IR 50 HP Intensifier

With Mercer Gasket & Shim, customers looking for maximum yield potential, less waste and fast manufacturing rates can get that and more. We are willing to work with you on custom projects, as well as brainstorm the best way to solve design issues using our cutting and engineering capabilities. Contact us to find out how we can assist in your next project.