Reverse Engineering

Mercer Gasket & Shim offers reverse engineering services that are as fast as they are versatile.

When you need to replace troublesome valve system gaskets and don’t have access to the original design specs, our reverse engineering services can help. Our experienced team of engineers employs the most cutting edge technology to recreate virtually any gasket in CAD for fabrication.

We utilize a Virtek LaserQC® to analyze and scan any gasket in your process; the analysis will help you to replicate the specified gasket down to the most precise detail.

Our Capabilities

Our LaserQC® is has a 36″ square machine bed, but is fully capable of reverse engineering much larger parts as well. We also employ 2D reverse engineering techniques to analyze and process physical drawings and specs, and not just the part itself. Scanning the part yields a CAD data file that can be edited as you see fit.

Benefits of Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering can be used to replicate parts for fabrication, but it is also used as a means of gaining a better understanding of how parts function. Additionally, reverse engineering can be used for meticulous editing or redesigning of the scanned file to remove imperfections and provide the most ideal tolerances for production.

Our reverse engineering services yield high-quality results with fast turnaround time—in the event that you need to quickly respond to problems within your valve system.

The table below provides the full technical capabilities of our Virtek LaserQC®. If you are interested in learning more about our reverse engineering services, contact us today.