Spiral Gasket Sizing Charts

When ordering spiral wound gaskets for your industrial application, it is important that they match the specific needs of your system. To help you determine which size will best suit your needs, we’ve compiled these standard sizing charts for your reference. Click on any of the forms listed below to access and download the file for future reference. These can be printed and posted for quick access or bookmarked for future download.

Additionally, if you have questions about how to choose the right spiral wound gasket for your application, or if you’d like to learn more about the spiral wound gaskets offered by Mercer Gasket & Shim, visit our page here.

We also offer custom gasket solutions that you can read about here.


Spiral Gasket Sizing Charts

Standard Spiral Sizes 150#

Standard Spiral Sizes 300#

Standard Spiral Sizes 400#

Standard Spiral Sizes 600#

Standard Spiral Sizes 900#

Standard Spiral Sizes 1500#

Standard Spiral Sizes 2500#