Mechanical Packing

Mechanical Packing

Mercer Gasket & Shim provides a wide range of high-performance mechanical packing to cater to the most demanding conditions in a wide range of markets. We only carry the highest-quality packing designed to provide superior sealing capabilities in even the most severe environments.

Mercer’s mechanical packing can be made from many materials and in many different sizes, depending upon the specific application involved. Our packing products are designed, engineered and constructed for specific services and applications, and our highly knowledgeable staff will help you choose from a wide array of styles based on your operating conditions and ideal sealing properties:


Packing Styles

Flax and Ramie:

Style  345    PTFE Coated
Style  921    Tallow Lubricated
Style 921G  Tallow Lubricated w Graphite Coating

PTFE ® Filament:

Style  344,
Style 344-SC w/Silicone core
Style  344BIL w/ High Speed Break in lube
Style  344BIL w/High Speed Break in lube & Silicone core
Style  344T Braided Gasket Tape

Food Grade PTFE ®:

Style  344FDA

Carbon Styles:

Style  4000, w PTFE
Style 4000G Graphite Coated

Tanklid/Hatch Cover:

Style 359

Graphite Filament Nuclear Grade:

Style 8000 Nuclear Grade,
Style 8000G W Graphite Coating
Style 8000LC Industrial Grade

Fiberglass Wire Inserted:

Style 3030INA

Copper Wire:

Style  895

Flexible Graphite:

Style 5000,
Style 5000C, w Carbon Corners
Style 5000CC, w Carbon corners & Carbon core
Style 5000OCC w Carbon Outside/Inside Corners
Style 5000T PTFE Impregnated


Style 3000G,    w/ Graphite & Oiil
Style 3000T      w/ PTFE & Lube
Style 3000T-K  w/ PTFE, Lube & Aramid corners

GFO ®:

Style 8000T
Style 8000T-SC w/Silicone Core
Style 8000T-K

PTFE ® Graphite Blend:

Style 8100,
Style 8100BIL w/ High Speed Break in Lube
Style 8100BIL-K w/ High Speed Break in Lube & Aramid Corners
Style 8200BIL
Style 8500


Style 300

Meta Aramid:

Style 310


Style 320

Aluminum & Lead Foil:

Style 8010 Lead w Graphite, Oil & Core
Style 8011 Aluminum w Graphite, Oil & Core
Style 8012 Lead w Graphite & Oil
Style 8013 Aluminum w Graphite & Oil

Flexible Graphite Wire Inserted

Style  5000I
Style 5000I-FE
Preformed Grafoil Rings Style  9000
Nuclear GradeStyle 9001 Industrial Grade

At Mercer, we understand that speed, reliability, flexibility and convenience are of paramount importance when choosing a supplier of mechanical packing and other mission-critical materials. Drawing on more than 80 years of experience in quickly handling complex requests for custom industrial products, as well as true 24/7 service, Mercer specializes in rush services and dependable on-time delivery for gaskets and other mission-critical items. Getting you what you need, when you need it, is part of our everyday service.