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Washers are the components that are between a fastener and the part it matches with or between the two-part faces that are held together by a fastener. Non- metallic washers can be customized by size and material to accommodate any industry. These components can help protect parts by:

  • Distribution. Distributing the weight or pressure at its fastening point. Without the washers, other components may crack or face excessive wear.
  • Spacing. Washers can “fill in the gaps” between uneven mating surfaces and fasteners so the surface remains level and well-positioned.
  • Preventing vibration damage. Fasteners and components flush with fasteners may not have perfectly matching faces. Non-metallic washers can absorb vibration between the different components. This both reduces noise and minimizes the risk of early wear.
  • Sealing and liquid protection. Compressible non-metallic washers can seal the space along mating surfaces or around fasteners and holes, so the interior of the assembly is watertight. This allows assemblies to hold fluid without the risk of leaks and/ or keep liquid out with minimal risk of penetration.


Types of Washers 

Some of the most common types of non-metallic washers include:

  1. Countersunk washers: These washers are commonly used on consumer goods because of its shape, a flat or oval head that is integrated with the assembly, the washer is flush with its matching surface.
  2. Flat washers: These washers are the default option for common and industrial applications and can be used as spacers in consumer assemblies. They are strong, can maintain heavy loads, and are designed to not generate too much heat or friction when tightened into place.
  3. Lock washers: These washers are designed to reinforce the connection to the nut and bolt around each piece. They’re commonly used in assemblies that generate a lot of vibration.
  4. Tab washers: Tab washers click or notch into place for a more permanent placement in extreme environments.
  5. Shoulder washers: These washers feature nylon or other non-conductive material to insulate parts in electrical or electronic assemblies.
  6. Spring washers: These washers can respond to vibration, temperature-based expansion and contraction, and other factors that can prematurely loosen fasteners or require washers to have flexible dimensions.


Using Non-Metallic Washers

Non-metallic washers are extremely versatile, not only can they provide the weight and pressure distribution of metal washers, but they can also provide a seal against fluids, respond to dynamic dimensional requirements, and reduce vibration.

Non-Metallic Materials List

Non-metallic washers can be fabricated from a wide range of materials, including:

  • Nylon: This material is insulative, light, and resistant to heat.
  • Nylatron®: This material has a very low friction coefficient and is strong and heat resistant. However, it’s not an electrical insulator.
  • Mylar®: This material is an excellent choice for its dimensional stability and electrical insulation qualities.
  • Teflon: This material is heat-resistant, resistant to chemical damage, and has excellent anti-frictional properties.
  • Delrin: This material is stiff, durable, and impact resistant.
  • Polyethylene (PE): This material is resistant to corrosion and can handle low temperatures.
  • Rubber: This material is shock absorbent and nonabrasive.

Main Applications

Non-metallic washers can be used across many industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Chemical processing
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Marine applications
  • Medical equipment

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